IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications
6-9 July 2020 // Virtual Conference

Workshop on New IP

IEEE INFOCOM 2020 Workshop on New IP: The Next Step 

6 July 2020, Toronto, Canada




For the past 40 years, TCP/IP and related technologies have been developing at unprecedented pace and became core technologies in today’s worldwide network systems. Their excellent scalability and universality make them widely deployed and this trend is most likely to continue for several decades to come. The success of IP networks has attracted significant attentions from all walks of life with various new industry verticals riding the big wave of ALL-IP; the IoT and industrial internet being good examples. Moreover, networkization of traditional industries, or say “Internet+”, is already offering more benefits in diverse areas such as remote education and telemedicine. Network technologies have become, and no doubt will remain,  part of the fundamental infrastructures of human society, but with a number of limitations and potential drawbacks for supporting future applications.

The future network is envisioned to be an intelligent “society” with ubiquitous connections for all entities, living and otherwise, physically and virtually, under the trend of cyber-physical fusion. It is expected to support numerous novel applications that cannot be fully realized with current technologies, such as naked-eye 3D experience via holographic type communications; immersive media with haptic sensation; extremely low-latency communication/response in critical situations; and high-precision communications demanded in emerging verticals. Moreover, the networking capabilities are foreseen to be converged, more deeply, so as to construct a global network, with integrated terrestrial, spatial and maritime connectivity, thus leading to a substantially more complex ecosystem.

This workshop presents state-of-the-art research in New IP innovation, addressing the challenges and opportunities outlined above. Both theoretical and system papers will be considered, to present novel contributions in the field of QoS, new routing and addressing, industry and IoT networking, new technologies-assisted network innovation and open issues related to the novel application of future network into communications and networking problems; the aim is to report, explore and share new ideas and techniques.

Important Dates

Submission Deadline: January 15, 2020
Notification of Acceptance: February 7, 2020
Camera Ready: April 10, 2020 (extended)


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