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IEEE INFOCOM Achievement Award

The IEEE INFOCOM Achievement Award is the highest honor that can be bestowed on a researcher in the INFOCOM community. The recipient should have a body of work that has had significant impacts on the networking community in general, and INFOCOM in particular.

2020 IEEE INFOCOM Achievement Award

Eytan Modiano

for contributions to the analysis and design of cross-layer resource allocation algorithms for wireless, optical, and satellite networks

Eytan Modiano has made pioneering contributions to the broad area of communication networks with applications to satellite, wireless, and optical systems.  He is best known for his work on cross-layer network control, which resulted in novel algorithms for heterogeneous networks that jointly make optimal flow control, routing, and scheduling decisions based on queue-length information and physical layer channel conditions.  He is also one of the most influential researchers in the area of optical networking and has a large body of work that deals with the networking challenges posed by advances in optical communication technologies. In recent years, he pioneered a new line of research in the area of geographically correlated failures to address network survivability. He is one of the most active contributors to INFOCOM and has consistently co-authored highly-cited papers published at INFOCOM. In addition to his pioneering technical contributions, Prof. Modiano has been a leader in the professional community, having served as an INFOCOM TPC Chair (2007) and currently serving as Editor-in-Chief of IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking. 

An IEEE Fellow, Modiano is a professor at MIT, USA.


IEEE INFOCOM Test of Time Paper Award

2020 IEEE INFOCOM Test of Time Paper Award

The IEEE INFOCOM Test of Time Paper Award recognizes papers published between 10 to 12 years ago (a three-year window) in the INFOCOM proceedings that have been most cited and widely recognized to have a significant impact on the research community.  For 2020, papers published in 2008 – 2010 INFOCOM proceedings are eligible. 

For 2020, the award committee has selected the following paper for this award:

“Achieving Secure, Scalable, and Fine-Grained Data Access Control in Cloud Computing," in Proc. of IEEE INFOCOM 2010
Shucheng Yu, Cong Wang, Kui Ren, and Wenjing Lou


Class of 2020 IEEE Fellows

Yingying Chen
for contributions to mobile computing and mobile security

Xiaojiang Du
for contributions to wireless security

Song Guo
for contributions to high performance and resilient distributed computing

Weijia Jia
for contributions to optimal network routing and deployment

Mo Li
for development of wireless and networked sensing systems

Xue Liu
for contributions to power and performance management of data centers and networked servers

Karthikeyan Sundaresan
for contributions to algorithms for mobile computing

Joerg Widmer
for contributions to wireless networking and millimeter-wave communications

Hongyi Wu
for contributions to resilient mobile computing systems

Laurence T. Yang
for contributions to modeling and design for cyber-physical-social systems

Yang Xiao
for contributions to wireless medium access control

Jiang Xie
for contributions to mobility and resource management of wireless networks

Guoliang Xing
for contributions to sensor networks and low-power wireless networks


IEEE INFOCOM 2020 Best Paper Awards

Push the Limit of Acoustic Gesture Recognition
Yanwen Wang, Jiaxing Shen, and Yuanqing Zheng
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hongkong, China

On the Power of Randomization for Scheduling Real-Time Traffic in Wireless Networks
Christos Tsanikidis and Javad Ghaderi
Columbia University, USA

Reducing the Service Function Chain Backup Cost over the Edge and Cloud by a Self-Adapting Scheme
Xiaojun Shang, Yaodong Huang, Zhenhua Liu, Yuanyuan Yang
Stony Brook University, USA


IEEE INFOCOM 2020 Best Poster Award

Fractals in the Air: Under-determined modulation recognition for MIMO communication
Wei Xiong (University at Albany-SUNY, USA); Lin Zhang and Maxwell McNeil (University at Albany-SUNY, USA); Petko Bogdanov (University at Albany-SUNY, USA); Mariya Zheleva (University at Albany-SUNY, USA)


IEEE INFOCOM 2020 Best Demo Award

Cross-Technology Communication between LTE-U/LAA and WiFi
Piotr Gawłowicz and Anatolij Zubow (Technische Universität Berlin, Germany); Suzan Bayhan (University of Twente, The Netherlands)


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